• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

Brand Ambassadors


Shan’aya Dozier

Roosevelt stay
I’m in a program At Roosevelt stay , and it inspire me to help students like me tap into there…


Saniya Farrow

NCCU Student
After working with Kristen and learning more about DOM, I realized that I have struggled with dangers of my own…


Anthoni love

Roosevelt STAY
I am a brand ambassador because I want to be around others that encourage me to do better. I want…



Wash met
I completed the dom class at wash met and I want to continue to be around a positive community.


Rajheem wisdom

I am a brand ambassador because I want to make a difference.


Cherie Crosby

Talent Acquisition Specialist/Denver Public Schools
I believe in the mission and would like to see the impact on my life and those around me.


Brittany Baker

Roosevelt STAY
I met Ms. Kristen Hopkins when she came to my school. I felt an immediate connection and inspiration. My dream…


Anthony Robinson

Roosevelt stay
I was in the DOM class and I learned a lot about self control and I am a brand ambassador…


Jaqueline Mae Swagerty

Capital Community College
I have been a foster child since I was 12. I want young black queens my age and younger who…