• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

According to Standford Psychologist, The Covid-19 crisis has taken a psychological toll on people of all ages, but one group especially affected is teenagers. School closures, and enforced social-distancing have cut off many teens from psychological support, putting them at higher risk of developing anxiety and depression.

Dangers of the Mind (DOM) reaches and teaches young people and educators through culturally responsive Social-Emotional resources. Our curricula and supplementary tools build a sense of trust by changing the atmosphere of the classroom into a more authentic, communal, and engaging space to learn, work and grow. Not only does DOM focus on assessing the needs and wants of students, but we allow Social-Emotional Learning to be married with Character Development (SECD) to allow students and adults to walk into their fullest potential.


Dangers of the Mind is a Social and Emotional Literacy curriculum that provides a unique perspective on the issues that affect teens. DOM promotes building healthy minds by identifying socially and emotionally detrimental setbacks.