• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

“The Position Of Your Mind Determines The Posture Of Your Life.”

- Kristen Hopkins

The Dynamic Speaker

Kristen Hopkins is an author, educator, social-entrepreneur, motivational speaker and youth worker with over a decade of experience in producing research-based community empowerment programs.

Distinguished Author

Kristen first book was Dangers of the Mind (DOM). She has also written and published a DOM 30-Day Affirmation Challenge edition.

The Entrepreneurial Sensation

At the age of 22, Kristen became the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of her own business, KH II Public Relations.

The Agent of Change

Throughout her tenure running a PR firm, Kristen gained regional and global notoriety and was bestowed the prestigious "30 and Under Award for Women of Excellence in Leadership".
Kristen's Journey

Kristen Hopkins is an author, international speaker and social entrepreneur dedicated to the holistic development of youth, young adults and professionals.

As the Founder and CEO of the Dream it. Own it. Master it. Foundation, Dangers Of The Mind, LLC and Kristen Hopkins Global, located in Durham, NC.  Kristen has developed and implemented culturally responsive Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula, programs, Less Talk More SEL Community Forums and resources in schools, not-for-profits, and corporate organizations.  She has brought her teachings to school districts in Haiti, Ghana and cities across the United States of America. Kristen has developed and pioneered much of her research between Durham, NC and Washington, DC.

Ms. Hopkins is an esteemed author of multiple books, curricula and an intervention kit for in-school suspension and youth detention centers.  Hopkins has also established a lifestyle brand, a virtual coaching practice, a clothing line and a team of brand ambassadors who advocate for the DOM movement daily.

A fierce visionary, pioneer and thought leader,  Hopkins is often acknowledged for her contributions to the field of educational entrepreneurship. In 2016 she became a recipient of the “30 Under 30 Award for Women of Excellence in Leadership”.  Kristen and her company serves on CASEL's providers council with other top Social-Emotional providers around the nation.  She also was a guest panelist on the Inaugural  International SEL day in March, 2020.

 Kristen has been a guest speaker at Philips Arena STEM WARS, World Congress Center and the 50th Anniversary for the Boys and Girls Club of America to name a few.  Kristen looks to continue her mission to empower others through SEL and be the voice of culturally responsive social-emotional  resources for disadvantaged youth of this generation and beyond. 

Kristen Hopkins

CEO of Dangers of the Mind, LLC

Product & Services
by Kristen Hopkins


DOM Curriculum

The DOM social and emotional literacy curriculum, provides a unique perspective on issues that affect teens, due to their personal cerebral impediments.


DOM Intervention Kit

The Dangers of the Mind Intervention Kit is a comprehensive intervention package for flexible use in grades 6 – 12


Speaking Engagements

Kristen Hopkins is an author, international speaker and social entrepreneur dedicated to the holistic development of youth, young adults and professionals.


The Fresh Start Collection

The fresh start collection is a clothing line that teaches you how to have a fresh start on life.


The Dangers of the Mind Books

Brokenness, insecurity, fear, inequality, these are all distractions which are increasing inadequate perceptions. These are the Dangers of the mind.


“Less Talk More SEL” Toolkit

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) toolkit is designed to help you walk in your fullest potential!


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