• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

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For the curriculum

Dangers of the Mind is a social and emotional literacy curriculum that provides a unique perspective on the issues that affect teens. DOM promotes building healthy minds by identifying socially and emotionally detrimental setbacks. The curriculum identifies the mental breakdowns that one may face, provides information about them, and equips teens to overcome their negative thoughts, and fundamentally create a sustainable progressive outcome for their future.

For the students

Dangers of the Mind engages students in readings, activities, and discussions that encourage them to address their previous experiences to harness their internal power, and helps students create a pathway towards manifesting a positive outlook on life.

Our team

We are committed to helping children recognize the dangers of their minds and help them fight it using social and emotional learning.

Kristen Hopkins

Ceo & Founder

Alex Lewis

Information Technology Director

Damaris J. Fletcher

Creative Director

Kayla Jordan

Social Media Manager

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    Dangers of the mind FAQs

    • Dangers of the Mind are the attacks against our thought-life that shift our progress.
      Dangers of the Mind are the attacks against our thought-life that shift our progress.
      • 1. Brokenness
      • 2. Fear
      • 3. Complacent
      • 4. Distractions
      • 5. Perception
      • 6. Ego
      • 7. Pride
      • 8. Insecurities
      • 9. Dependent
      • 10. Distressed
      Once you overcome these DOM's then you learn how to 3 Postive DOM's
      • 1. Recreating Your Atmosphere
      • 2. Proclaim Your Vision
      • 3. Prepare for Greater
    • 02. What is social-emotional learning? How does this relate to Dangers Of the Mind?

      Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and. manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain. positive relationships, and make. responsible decisions.

    • 03. How long is the DOM Curriculum?

      Our curriculum is designed for differentiated learning and can be used as a 18 week course or a 36 week course. Scope and sequence is provided with facilitator guide.

    • 04. How is the Intervention Kit used In schools?

      The DOM Intervention Kit is a student- led multi-purpose resource that can be used school-wide, in school suspension, youth detention centers and church organizations.

      This kit is accessible via our DOMinator Informational Technology system where we track students progress throughout each lesson.

    • 05. What other resources does Dangers Of The Mind offer?

      Dangers of the Mind provides a social-emotional learning podcast by Kristen Hopkins that teaches SEL skills through pratical life situations.

      Danger of the Mind offers books, and clothes where you can become a TRUE DOMinator and overcome every DOM. This encourages our audience to not just know about the DOM movement but live it.