• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

Dania Henry


Dania Henry

Teacher/ Instructional Lead/ Purpose Preparatory Academy

Why I wanted to become a dangers of the mind brand ambassador:

During my tenure at Purpose Preparatory, it has served as an admirable place to grow personally and professionally. After successfully completing my second year as a teacher and Teach For America corp member, I have strengthened my skills and passion for enhancing the education opportunities for the students in Nashville. My goal is to build upon that space to provide faculty and staff with resources and support on how to cultivate healthy relationships with students and families, and to develop equitable classrooms. After becoming more familiar with the purpose of DOM, I understood this program aligned with my personal and professional goals, and can contribute immensely in the process of living up to my fullest potential and purpose of serving the youth. I would appreciate an opportunity to assume this role as a brand ambassador to have a supportive network and become provided with potential resources to aid in this process.