• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

lavontaye covington

lavontaye covington


Dangers Of The Mind Story:

Dangers of the Mind relates to my life so much because, I’m young man who learned the art of progress and seeing past my today’s issues by attaching myself with an inner passion which is growth and prosperity for all. I was inspired by Michelle Obama’s 2011/2012 article in the Reader’s Digest entitled “Family Values” where she explained success in it’s simplest form. I was quite impressed when she said “In order to be successful you’ll have to develop the habits of success. This means in order to be successful such as finishing everything you do, cleanliness, patience and etc”. On that very day that article changed my life so I decided to share it with the entire world with my book slated to release 2015 called “The Business Bible (The Success Guide)”. This book is going to be wonderful and I can’t wait to share it and show how anyone no matter the background or current situation you rise above with daily practice.

Dangers of the Mind exhibits these same practices of never being complacent and rising above your attacks that happen against your thought life. Also learning how to proclaim your vision. In metaphoric terms any artist can’t expect to be Picasso if one doesn’t invest time, energy, and becoming a student of the craft. A sports figure can’t expect to be the next best without committing and dedicating oneself to the gym. Everything takes practice no matter what it is. Practice makes perfect now and forever, and if anything else in the world changes I can guarantee this very concept won’t.

From this very concept, I have learned how to work hard and be aware of some of my Dangers of the mind. Please be on the lookout for the release of “The Business Bible (The Success Guide)”. It was an honor being featured on this page. Being blessed with people like Kristen Hopkins. She’s a great role model to all. This was truly a great experience once again thank you and peace to all.