• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

kristen hopkins

kristen hopkins

Author & CEO of Dangers of the Mind, INC

Dangers Of The Mind Story:

Dear DOMinators,

Today marks 1 year that Dangers of the Mind was official brought into this world. Today marks a true moment of gratitude from me to you. When I first started writing Dangers of the Mind, I was very timid to share all my flaws, mistakes, and failures with you. As this year went by and I received tremendous opportunities to speak to various students and young adults from all walks of life, I learned how important this book is to the world. I learned how I was meant to birth this book to help people progress and walk in their fullest potential. After realizing this information, I started to understand the platform that I had received and the challenge that was handed to me by this. In this regards, I started being seriously attacked by my thought life, more than I was before. I had to learn how to stand on my beliefs and speak daily affirmation into my atmosphere! As I continue to learn how to walk in my fullest purpose, I also realize that as I am beating the dangers of the mind, I am becoming a TRUE DOMinator! I am donminating all the distractions, insecurities, fears, complacency, perception, brokenness, etc. that is holding me back from being the leader that I was born to be on this earth. Then I further analyzed that we are ALL DOMinators! We all have the potential to beat each and every one of the Dangers of the Mind. As I go into this second year, I challenge you to become TRUE DOMinator with me. To wake up every day fearless and ready to conquer each DOM that comes your way! Thank you for all your love and support, and I’m so excited for this movement and what’s to come!


Kristen Hopkins, Author & CEO of Dangers of the Mind, INC