We are actively watching the weather for our Black SEL Summit. As of today, September 30, the event is still scheduled as planned. Please check here for regular updates as we hold the safety of each attendee and participant as our highest priority.
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  • “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

Chelan Wongus


Chelan Wongus

Fayetteville State University

Why I wanted to become a dangers of the mind brand ambassador:

I chose to be a dominator to take back control over my life. I have let many years pass letting my fears, loss and generational curses run my life. Those mental barriers have kept me in bondage for too long. I chose to be a dominator to stop letting my past dominate me. One step in the right direction will easily set off a chain reaction of powerful and positive things. I chose to be a dominator so I can be that one ray of light to encourage others to stand against the chains of their past and create a different story than the one they grew up in. I refuse for the life I grew up in to repeat itself. I can’t change my history, but I can change my future so it will look nothing like my past. I chose to be a dominator because I refuse to let my past become my present and my future.
Chelan Wongus, Fayetteville State University Class 17'