• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

Chelan Wongus


Chelan Wongus

Fayetteville State University

Why I wanted to become a dangers of the mind brand ambassador:

I chose to be a dominator to take back control over my life. I have let many years pass letting my fears, loss and generational curses run my life. Those mental barriers have kept me in bondage for too long. I chose to be a dominator to stop letting my past dominate me. One step in the right direction will easily set off a chain reaction of powerful and positive things. I chose to be a dominator so I can be that one ray of light to encourage others to stand against the chains of their past and create a different story than the one they grew up in. I refuse for the life I grew up in to repeat itself. I can’t change my history, but I can change my future so it will look nothing like my past. I chose to be a dominator because I refuse to let my past become my present and my future.
Chelan Wongus, Fayetteville State University Class 17'