• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

Jada Anthony

I have heard so many cool things about the Dangers of the Mind brand and I feel as though I could be a positive addition. I have experience in communicating with and advocating for the student body and as well as our executive board about how to create memorable experiences for our peers. I am a dedicated and hard working person and I think that I would be a great fit for the team.

I want to bring awareness to black people about who have suffered with traumatic injuries and provide coping strategies to help them in several areas using Social Emotional Learning.

I currently work as a research intern for Kristen Hopkins, so I have had a lot of experience working with Dangers of the Mind already.

I learned a lot from the group we had at the Boys and Girls club in Durham, NC. Plus Kristen suggested I sign up and try to be one.

I have followed Kristen for a while now and seen how SEL has transformed those around her. I am so behind this mission, especially working with inner-city black girls every day. I want to become a DOMinator so I can transfer those skills and confidence to young black girls after me.

I would love to be a brand ambassador because I want to dive deep into learning more about mental health. I’ve had the opportunity to be invited to a few Zoom sessions that have been changing my life for the better. I want to continue to grow and learn more about myself and how to help others learn more about mental health.

I would love to be a brand ambassador for “Dangers of the Mind” to bring forth positive change in the lives of youths today. I am confident that my past experiences working with children and youth will make a strong impact, while stimulating the minds of at-risk children.

I absolutely love what DOM stands for and what you guys are doing. Self care is extremely important to me, and Promoting mental health, wellness is what our generation/community needs. I see strong, ambitious, intelligent women behind this and I always align myself with women like this because I am one and it’s so much that we can learn from each other. I come with a bunch of fresh ideas and genuinely care about my mental health and my communities mental health. I would love to join the organization to help push it forward and do some great things!

I did the 21 day challenge with Kristen and it helped me a lot. I was going through depression and felt like breaking down but with the help of Dangers Of The Mind, I kept praying and continue to set affirmations. I feel like this is a new and positive chapter in my life. I’m excited to join the team!

After listening to you speak about your work and your program on Blessed + Bossed up podcast has help rekindle the flame to start moving forward with my calling and inclined me to learn more about your work .