• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

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#BlackSELMatters campaign for the month of September is in full effect!

Check out our #BlackSELMatters leadership video with Mina Forte.

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Thank you for having @KristenDHopkins as your keynote speaker today! We enjoyed it. https://t.co/lcMNkvtqMe

A 2016 Survey found these ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences )most prevalent among Black children: the family found it hard to cover costs of food and housing (37%), parent or guardian divorced or separated (35%), parent or guardian served time in jail (16%) https://t.co/jKeF9p4VGo

Our CEO @KristenDHopkins discussing DOM at the Madison-Oneida, Board of Cooperative Educational Services webinar. https://t.co/BsWE7KjuPF

At Dangers of the Mind, we understand the importance of keeping legacy at the top of our minds. We also understand that health is wealth and that’s why we are introducing our New “Legacy fit” from our #FreshStartCollection AVAILABLE NOW. https://t.co/nsuRVdPPXQ

We are so excited to kick off the #BlackSELMatters campaign for the month of September!

Check out our #BlackSELMatters kick off video with @KristenDHopkins

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You don’t want to miss this! @_o.s.g and @a.littlekennedy will be discussing Pride Tuesday July 7th at 6pm.
We will breakdown what pride is, when we have been prideful, how to stop pride in its tracks!
Can’t wait to see you there! LIVE AT 6pm. https://t.co/9Sq2VKibFV

COVID-19 Update:
• 2 New Imported Cases
• 54 more Recoveries

These two bring the total number of confirmed cases to 659; 143 active cases.
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This kit was developed to help young people learn valuable leadership skills in a way that relates to them the most. Schedule a Demo Today at https://t.co/BezyS99FSb. https://t.co/7jEnkW34bA

Behind The Scenes Footage of Kristen Hopkins speaking at Ballou STAY and Rooselvelt STAY! Contact Kristen (@KristenDHopkins) today and she will do everything possible to help get you where you want to go and to be the ultimate DOMinator over the Dangers of the Mind! https://t.co/ZruRoVRsTJ