• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

donnice peterson

donnice peterson

Class of 2015, Delaware State University

Dangers Of The Mind Story:

One of the Dangers of the Mind that I find to be prevalent within many people would be fear. Whether it is fear of rejection, fear of failure, or even fair of actually succeeding. Fear is something that I dealt with internally on the everyday basis and as I reflect my fear did not stem from me being incompetent my fear stemmed from my thoughts telling me that I would fail.

For example, recently I ran for Miss Delaware State University, which is one of the highest leadership positions a student can hold on campus. I wanted this position since I was a Freshman but I would push the thought to the back of my mind because I could not fathom myself standing before the whole school saying “Vote for Me!” Therefore, leading up to the time for me to actually voice that I would like to be one of the contestants the thought of quitting filled my mind on many occasions. Running for this position took me completely out of my comfort zone however, it also challenged me to actually believe in my abilities and myself. I later coined my campaign as the “No Fear Movement” because by me running I not only wanted to get over my fears but I wanted the student body to take this journey in being liberated from their fears as well.

I didn’t win the position but the experience was something I will always cherish. By controlling my thoughts and no longer letting fear have the number one say I broke out of the shell that was holding me back. Today I am more confident, I am fearless, and I am eager to make my mark on the world.