• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

diana graham

diana graham

Author of Duly Noted, Owner & CEO of CSG, LLC

Dangers Of The Mind Story:

Dangers of the Mind sheds light on the various encounters in life that we often give too much energy to. These things are developed from relationships and daily activities sometimes knowingly or unknowingly. One direct example related to relationships begins with an innocent encounter because the person is cool and fun to be around. Later we discover characteristics displayed that are contrary to our personal beliefs, morals, and ethics. Instead of distancing ourselves upon discovery, we maintain the relationship as it carries us further away from our plans that aid us in reaching our destiny.

The opportunity to shift manifests when we acknowledge what’s taking place and make a conscience decision to change our direction. As with organizations and support systems designed to operate as a place of stability, one must first acknowledge that the problem exist followed by understanding that help is needed. Within this decision making process a road traveled alone may be the course of action necessary to drown out the distractions. Logically thinking, how can true progression take place if you continue to entertain the foolishness?

All these inclusive transitional thoughts and actions take place in hopes of being a better individual layered by an expansion to a more productive citizen of society. This is not an overnight process, but one that is attainable by limiting distractions and identifying new focal points. Thank you Kristen for steering attention to distractions in a practical light and format providing methods to better individually access forward movement.