• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

terry walker

In 2001, at the young age of 19 I found myself in Atlanta at the end of a very dangerous lifeline. My prior years were full of forgotten achievements and poor decisions. I was arrogant (due to my ability to learn faster than 99 percent of my peers), poor (due to my mother’s decision to live off of the welfare system), and angry (due to my constant battles with authority figures). I was forced to flee my hometown of Brooklyn New York due to a run in with the law. The next two years would find me in and out of the State of Georgia’s Justice System. At the time I was illegally occupying a boarding house and loitering at Clark Atlanta University. After 3 years of using the University’s facilities as sleeping quarters and participating in other illegal activities at the school, the schools police force finally restricted me from setting foot on their campus. At the age of 21 I decided to lease a room on the perimeter of the campus. I started dating the landlord’s daughter and eventually (along with another tenant and good friend of mines) took control of the entire house. My friend (the other tenant) and I took poor care of the property and allowed it to turn into the neighborhood hangout. After witnessing the negative world that I had embraced and letting enough time pass to feel comfortable with engaging in deep conversation with me, my new friend (the other tenant) asked me a simple question that changed my entire thought process. He asked me “What’s wrong with you New York people”? He continued by adding “You call each other “friends” and then steal from each other. You love to fight with your girlfriends and make up almost every day but call it “love” etc. Why can’t you just do good and hang with good people? Why can’t you agree to disagree?” I couldn’t answer either of his questions. All I could do is agree and walk away. Later on that week I had awaken from a nap while a few of my friends were engaging in conversation. All I overheard were recollections of their daily criminal feats, sexual escapades, and negative perceptions of those that they’ve come across. That was they moment that I decided to live. A light went off in my head accompanied by a voice that said “you are what and who you surround yourself with”. That evening I had a dream and it gave me specific guidelines to assist me with my new way of life. I call them my own little set of commandments. I was told to 1. Help as many people as possible, 2. Try not to hurt anyone, 3. Try not to hurt yourself, and 4. Be better than you were yesterday. Soon after, I became a student at Clark Atlanta University. I received my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from American Intercontinental University. In 2009, I went on to get my master’s degree in the same fields of study. This is when I knew I escaped the “Dangers of my Mind”. Currently I am 34 pursuing my doctoral degree in International Marketing with a lovely wife and 18 month old daughter. I am also the proud co-owner of Tastemakers Management Group, The Coliseum Consulting Group, and www.AtlantaMusicMag.com. I’ve been a Big Brother (in the Big Brother Big Sister Program) for 7 years and I even generate generous revenue off of my own music endeavors. I made a decision to change and God guided my steps. My first one was to separate myself from those that didn’t have a positive mission of their own. All I ask anyone wanting to make a life direction change is… What will your first step be?


By Anita C. Jarman

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” – Proverbs 14:12 (NKJV)

After reading this divine proverb, it becomes noticeable how often I knowingly engage in the battle of the mind throughout a given day – I could begin with how many times I should snooze and give valid premises as to why. This may seem like a small thought, but once engaged I’ve set the mood for the morning and maybe even the day. What then am I to wear?

Personally, mind battles have always ended putting me in one of two places: a place of peace or a place of worry. In my 27 years, interestingly, the latter place has allowed me to experience the “If I could do it all again” learning experiences – I refuse to call them regrets. For instance, I know I go through a battle every time I hear gossip about someone I might not value being in their presence. Someone comes to tell me the latest – the bullets get loaded! I add my “Are you serious?” – the finger is on the trigger! And then, I find my target. Next thing you know, I’m firing away with “Well, let me tell you what I heard.”

In the interim, here’s what’s happening:

I’m using insecurities that I may have about myself toward that person, that person’s obvious faults, trying to increase the likability between myself and whomever I’m engaging in the gossip with, or a combination of all three in order to concern myself with something that is absolutely unproductive and may be detrimental to my mental well being. I then begin to worry about a number of things: what if this person hears that I was speaking ill of them? What if whomever I talk to is telling me a complete lie and they are just trying to get info out of me? What if they are talking about me just the same? What is my excuse if I get blamed for the demise of someone’s character? There is absolute room for worry.

God said, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you…thoughts of peace and not of evil…” (Jeremiah 29:11). There is absolute room for peace when we think about the thoughts God has for us. Well, what are His thoughts for us? He gave us the entire Bible to search for them and even told us, “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things” (Philippians 4:8). I’ve learned to use this concept of understanding how God’s thoughts will impact me as a tool to weigh my thoughts in the battle. Is what I’m about to say derived in peace? Will it bring peace? Here’s what it comes down to: God is love. He instructed me to love and if what I say does not bring about room for love or the fruit of love, keep my lips sealed. Christ said, “…what is exalted and highly thought of among men is detestable and abhorrent in the sight of God” (Luke 16:15 AMP). What is considered contributable input, that doesn’t reflect the values of God, is praised in our society. But according to this scripture, God abhors these thoughts.

I’ve only covered one area that I struggle with in my mind – that is the wounding world of gossip. The ammunition enters the chambers of the mind and the firing of the weapon sprays the bullets of killer words. We all know the power of the tongue – but it first starts with the thoughts of the mind. The Proverb mentioned shows me that the contemplation of action can bring about the path to death – without even taking any physical or verbal action. My thoughts must be analyzed, measured and ruled by the Word, God’s thoughts, before I begin to act in faith.

One of the Dangers of the Mind that I find to be prevalent within many people would be fear. Whether it is fear of rejection, fear of failure, or even fair of actually succeeding. Fear is something that I dealt with internally on the everyday basis and as I reflect my fear did not stem from me being incompetent my fear stemmed from my thoughts telling me that I would fail.

For example, recently I ran for Miss Delaware State University, which is one of the highest leadership positions a student can hold on campus. I wanted this position since I was a Freshman but I would push the thought to the back of my mind because I could not fathom myself standing before the whole school saying “Vote for Me!” Therefore, leading up to the time for me to actually voice that I would like to be one of the contestants the thought of quitting filled my mind on many occasions. Running for this position took me completely out of my comfort zone however, it also challenged me to actually believe in my abilities and myself. I later coined my campaign as the “No Fear Movement” because by me running I not only wanted to get over my fears but I wanted the student body to take this journey in being liberated from their fears as well.

I didn’t win the position but the experience was something I will always cherish. By controlling my thoughts and no longer letting fear have the number one say I broke out of the shell that was holding me back. Today I am more confident, I am fearless, and I am eager to make my mark on the world.

80,Black 80, Blue Go. I took my normal kick step expecting Ray to bullrush. As I shot my hands into his chest, I felt an all to familiar pain in my knee. I dropped like a bag of bricks, grimacing in pain. My knee dislocated laterally rupturing my patella tendon. At that moment I knew my football career was over. I hadn’t accomplished the many goals I had set for myself in prior years. At that time football was my entire identity. It was what I had worked so relentlessly for and now it was being snatched from me in a matter of seconds. Two weeks prior my girlfriend of 3 years and I had called it quits. Football was my release from reality, and in that moment I knew football would only be a dream. Rehab began a few weeks after reconstructive surgery. It was definitely a one step forward three steps back type of scenario. It was the worse pain I had ever experienced which was compounded by the end of my relationship. I spiraled down into the darkest point of my life. Suicide tapped me on my shoulder daily. I had no self esteem, full of self pity, and no idea of which path I should take next. Drugs and alcohol became my new release from the reality that was my life. I had no drive and nothing to live for. My thoughts were very negative. I was my own worse enemy. As I began to recover enough to stand on two feet, my first distraction became the Atlanta nightlife. My leg was wrapped in a thigh high knee brace for extra support but my mind was vulnerable. I was seeking comfort in the clubs and in the parties. I was searching for anything that would give me the high of temporary happiness. Self doubt was now etched into my very being. I left school early to pursue football and did not finish my degree. The more I thought about the journey ahead of me the lower I fell. My parents were worried about me and what I might do. My lowest point came when I found myself in a jail cell, one of many self inflicted problems. I could feel the tears coming. I quickly closed my eyes to hide in shame in a cell with 5 other people, thats when the Lord spoke to me and asked me a simple question. “When are you going to stop yourself from hurting”. It was a baffling question to me at the time and it made me angry. I had no control over my circumstances or my emotions, I blamed Him. I asked Him how could He let this happen to me? All power, knowledge and understanding are a blink of an eye to you, how could you do this to me? He replied with one phrase that planted the seed that would grow into my new belief system. “You did this to yourself”. I wanted to place the blame on everything else but the one who was responsible. I had open doors for the devil to walk through and release havoc into my existence, I was battling the “Dangers of my mind”. Luckily, that phrase works both ways. I can do it to myself I questioned? Im an analytical thinker, I began thinking of ways and ideas to “do it to myself”. I started what I now call today think tank sessions. I would run through thoughts and strategies of ways I could pull myself out of my situation. I knew school was something I had to finish for my own satisfaction. The next problem I needed to fix was what would I do for a living now that my playing days were over. At the time it was so obvious what I should do I overlooked it time and time again. I hadn’t realized a passion Ive had since I was a freshman in college. I loved to design spaces, paint walls, add decor, and place furniture in a way to create a more home like ambiance. My freshman year in college, I laid carpet on my dorm room floors because I hated the look and feel of that cold peel and stick tile. I bought lamps because I hated the look of those florescent lights that made the room seem like a cafeteria. I made 200 square feet feel like 300. My father had always been interested in real estate, so I began to study the business. Hgtv became a channel I watched like sports center. I began to pray and ask God to show me the way. This eventually lead me back to Mississippi. Atlanta had way to many distractions for me to accomplish what I was trying to achieve. I had to leave it in the rearview mirror until I was mature enough to handle my calling. My focus became razor sharp. Excuses where things of the past replaced with statements of just get it done. When I felt an excuse coming on I replaced it with, “just get it done”. I let time frames go. We tend to expect things to be done by a certain benchmark, a year, six months, or even a few weeks. I quickly learned when you follow God and His plan for your life, your timing and your own trust in what you as a person can accomplish tend to hinder what He has in store for you. I honestly felt like He would push it back every time I set a date. Lean not on your own understanding, He said to me and ive tried to follow that command ever since. Flash forward 2 years and I now have a real estate investment firm that is growing exponentially. Lamont & Son Realty is my passion manifested and my calling to help others realize how important financial literacy is in our society. Ill be graduating from Mississippi University for Women in December and plan to expand my business to the greater Atlanta area. Patiently waiting for the ok from the man upstairs can be a tedious and daunting task, but believe me, it is well worth the wait.

My name is Brenda Dubois and I’m from Belgium. I arrived in DC end of August thanks to the program The Washington Center to do an internship at Hispanic Heritage Foundation until mid December. It’s the first that I actually left my country for that long, so I’m facing different “dangers of mind” like fear and shyness.

Before coming to DC and during the whole preparation of my trip I didn’t feel fear, it was more excitement, but once I landed fear started to take over. What if I don’t understand what they are telling me? What if I don’t like it? What if I can’t adapt to this new environment? There were so many questions in my head and I didn’t know how to answer them. At some point I just realized that everything was going to be alright. I have to remind myself every day that it is one of the reasons why I wanted to come to DC. I want to learn how to get out of my comfort zone, how to adapt to a new environment and to new situations. At some point I adapted really quick to my new life, but still sometime I wake up with that feeling in my stomach that just reminds me that I’m not in my environment. Thankfully I have strengths to push myself out there, and making the best of it.

The other danger of my mind is shyness. I have always been a shy person, but I never felt it as a barrier until I landed in DC. People here are so open and ready to talk to everyone. And for the first time I felt that my shyness hindered me to talk to people. Back home I always had time to first analyze the person and to analyze the situation, but here I don’t have the time to do that. Everything and everyone is moving so fast. I have to force myself to get out of my comfort zone and just tell myself that I have nothing to lose by talking to people I meet. There are days were it’s easier than other days. Also the fact that English is not my first language made my shyness more explicit. Sometimes I find myself in a situation where I start to get frustrated because I’m not able to express my ideas as well as if it were in French. In these kind of situations I just close up and end up saying nothing at all.

The biggest step was actually coming to DC, the rest is a challenge and kind of a new adventure. I am learning how to deal with my weaknesses and I hope that after those 4 months I will have learned how to change those into strengths. It’s also a way to find myself and find what I really am and what it is that I really want.

The darkness seemed to reign relentlessly in the late months of 2007. There was this chill that lingered in those fall months that would make winter envious. At that point in time, I was about 13 years old with an entire future of possibilities ahead of me, but all I wanted to do was lie in bed and never come out from under my covers. The world outside my room walls was waiting to be discovered, but with the thoughts that ran through my head, I knew it was safer I just stay indoors. If I would stay put in my room, no one would get hurt on my behalf because I did not turn the light switch off five times before leaving the front door on my right foot, no matter how absurd it was. All I wanted was for everyone to be safe, even if it would cost me my health and happiness.

It worked for the first few weeks, until I had to force a smile on my face when it once came so naturally. It was an issue when I realized I would cry more in a day than I would laugh and that I would sleep more often than I would go out for a nice long run like I used to. My parents realized something was wrong, but my mouth remained shut because it was my pain and my problem that I would deal with. Days passed by that lasted eternities and nights became my escape. While everyone slept, I would stay awake dreaming of a world where no sadness existed and adventure was all around. Nights were my salvation, but as the sun rose, my anxiety seemed to rise with it and the misery would start all over again. I could not wait to come back home, hide away under my blankets, and dream of that world I wanted so bad to exist.

One wish I had was to fall down the rabbit hole like Alice had as each day got progressively worse. I wanted to be in a place where everything and nothing made sense. My parents, who I regard as my best friends, became easily frustrated with me. The daughter that was once so bright and active now barely held a spark of youth or left her room for reasons they did not know. As Christmas grew closer, my anxiety and depression got worse and my parents became desperate for answers. About two weeks before Christmas, my parents were at their breaking point, crying tears of anguish that only burrowed me further into that hopeless heart of mine. We decided it was time to take action or else these delusions would wear me down until I no longer existed.

I saw a specialist that beautiful Christmas Eve and received one of the most beautiful gifts I could ever imagine: peace. I quickly learned that all these fears, anxieties, and self-deprecation that had tormented me and made my days nights of an eternal darkness, all came as a result of a chemical imbalance that triggered a physiological disorder at a young age. Though the news had been great, they were quick to make sure I understood one point that has been my struggle ever since. This disorder is a part of me, it is a part of my entity and will most likely forever remain with me. Every day for the rest of my life, day and night, I would have to fight these thoughts and overcome the fears that were instilled in me as a result of this disorder. Since that day seven years ago, it has been an ongoing battle to differentiate the reality and the dark thoughts that attempt to take away my happiness, but I have become stronger. I went on through the past seven years gaining recognition in academics, stage performance, and acquiring an internship in Washington, DC at only 20 years of age. I still have a long way to go and some days it seems that, as Alice had, my wish to fall down the hole came true, but I craved nothing more than escaping that world. On those days I remind myself that with determination and perseverance, I too can overcome the dangers of the mind and be not only a survivor, but a champion.

Dangers of the mind once were all too real for me. In theory, most often times, the preconceived notions about depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and discouragement develops when a person becomes more aware of one’s self-perception. Unfortunately for me these issues began early on my life. My journey deals with the vicious mental cycle I endured most of my life. Without the love and support of my family but most of all “The Grace of God”, I would not be able to minister this message. By sharing my testimonial story I hope to encourage, inspire, uplift, and most importantly bless you as the reader.

In the demanding society of today, especially in the “Urban Culture”, conditioning a child to walk, talk, and act a certain way to fit in or be labeled “normal” is all too common. In school if you are tall you played basketball. If you are short and heavy you played football. If you wore glasses people were under the assumption that you’re smart. I didn’t fit the mold of an average young teenager growing up in the inner city, going to a predominately African-American public school. It’s a struggle to fit in being a well-spoken young man of mixed-race heritage admiring everything surrounding the Arts, Culture, Marine Life, and most importantly a lover of all God’s Creations. The demand was starting to take a mental and physical toll on me. I was losing myself at this point in my life. I began to feel like being myself would willingly force me to become ostracized. So I tried to change everything about myself just to fit. I started doing things that were outside of my character. This was the worst decision of my life!

A few years had passed and I look up its 2005, senior year of high school. I lied to myself for so long I started to believe the person that I had become was who I really was. I covered my low self-esteem by making others laugh to take the focus off me. I started eating excessively to cope with my depression. the end of my senior year I tipped the scale weighing in at 300 lbs. I had no college plans, no core values, ultimately lacking true skills to succeed in the real world. I was so overwhelmed with life I even contemplated suicide. I Thank God, for he for saved me from myself. To no surprise I didn’t attend college right after graduation. My incredulous thoughts discouraged me from following any dreams I once had as a child. Then for a year straight I did nothing but hangout and party from time to time. However, chain of events would later occur that would change my state of mind in most profound way.

Fall of 2006 my life changed forever. One day my mother came home wanting me to take a ride with her somewhere. At first I made up some excuse to why I couldn’t go. She knew that I was unhappy and seen my soul was blue. Persuading me to go, we began our travel to the destination. Upon arriving to the location I was informed that we had an appointment to meet with a professional inside the building. Walking up to the facility I realized we were at The Art Institute of Indiana. For the first time in my life I felt I belonged there. the visions of artwork around me became so inspiring. I signed up for school with no hesitation. While attending The Art Institute, I began to recognize that the environment I placed myself in and people I interacted with had altered my self-perception. I started spending time with people who were liked-minded as myself. The Art Institute offered me much more than a degree; it gave me a feeling of self-worth again.

I finally started to escaped my dangerous mental cycle. I went on to become a strong man of character and faith. Not to mention I am 140 lbs lighter. I now am one who is confident, compassionate, articulate, and standing strong on my beliefs. I now walk in purpose trying to uplift and support anyone who has a passion or a dream. God allowed me to go through this journey so that I can give my testimony and assist someone in need. You too can escape “Dangers of the Mind”.

“I ask for greatness, but I’m not perfect, so I’m far from satisfied…”

I always knew where I wanted to be, but was clueless as to how I was going to get there. As the midst of the winter season graces its presence towards the new year, I get this opportunity to reflect on what was, but most importantly what had become of a thirty year old man from Jamaica Queens, NY who had dreams of being successful doing what he desired to do. You see, the term “success” carries many meanings, but to me, success is the result of a person being able to gain exemplary recognition for doing what he/she loved to do best. As for myself, I wanted to be successful in the sports industry as an entrepreneur & was fortunate enough to realize that vision while a junior in high school, but was not prepared for the winding road which lay before me towards that revelation.

For the past eight years, I’ve consequently lived out that dream working in as Chief Marketing Officer of my own firm entitled Alerte Carter & Associates, where I was blessed to work alongside some of the most well know athletes and influences in the sports and entertainment industry, as well as being able to work with my twin brother and lifelong friends as we created a legitimate business, doing exactly what we loved and dreamed of doing. Everyone loves to promote their success, but it’s where the trials and tribulations of sustaining a business, display your true character. Throughout the years, I’ve endured being faced with sour business deals, and clients who have signed agreements with you, and then disappeared when payments were to be made. How on a December 23rd, you have a joyous Christmas party with your entire company of 15 employees, and on January 5th of the next year, eighty-five percent of your staff decided amongst themselves that working for you, was not part of their “New Year’s Resolution”. Leases made out on office space with no idea of how to pay the rent each month and, then ducking the landlord because you just don’t have it right now, internal business arguments and dividing views on how the business should be run, and not to mention how all these things effect your personal relationships with your closest family and friends, who you speculate, never truly believed in you in the first place when you confided in them about your goals and dreams , but is more apparent when currently placed in a state of adversity. Not all aspects of my professional career have been filled by despair, as there were almost twice as much success, as there was failure, but what I couldn’t get over, was the overwhelming cloud of stagnation that would be placed over my life, as when the seasons changed year after year, so would my happiness and affect on my life both professionally, and personally. From the fall until winter, business was great, things are almost perfect. As soon as the spring arrives, life slows down, and once the summer comes, things would get bad. I couldn’t shake why this continuous cycle occurred, but what was most discouraging, is at a time as when the sun is at its brightest, I felt at my lowest.

“I search for greatness, but I’m not perfect, so I’m far from satisfied…”

Throughout this time period, as an entrepreneur and person, I was constantly placing blame on other people or factors as to why progress was falling to the waste side. My mind chose to take the easy way out to and convince myself that it wasn’t my fault and people around me would only feel the brunt of my burdens as if they played a part in my current demise. To get away from the stress, I would often zone out at my gym, or at the local park and work out until exhaustion, using my mind and whatever song that was playing on my iPod, as proverbial fuel, to take out my aggressions on the heavy weights I was lifting or researching challenging exercise regiments to take on that day. I took on a mindset of taking control of my health as much as I could, as some sought of an ironically painless escape from what could be crumbling in my professional, or personal life. I also figured that if I can create a space for rejuvenation health wise, I started to carry out a regiment of attending church on a regular basis to in order to make an attempt to gain progress spiritually. It didn’t hit me all at once, but at the culmination of sitting in The Christian Cultural Center of East NY on many frequent Sundays, I would get little nuggets of God using either my pastor Dr. A.R. Bernard, or whichever guest speaker that day, as a catalyst to speak directly to me!

“God wants humans to take responsibility for the world of which he placed them”

“Your life is a printout of your thoughts, as you are liable for how your life will befall”

“When you want to see change you have to have an impartation with God”

“Your life is changed by relationships, opportunities, revelations, & decisions”

By upholding the previous regiments of health and spiritual enhancement, allowed me to open up more about what else that God can show me to provide improvement in my life, either professionally or otherwise. It wasn’t until God spoke to me one day while on my way to the gym, and said one word. It was “Accountability”. I didn’t know what it meant at first, but I also couldn’t get that word out of my head. Later on that evening, I was watching a YouTube video of Denzel Washington giving a motivational curtain call speech for his highly successful run while on the play of “A Raisin In the Sun” as two quotes struck a chord with me when he said “True desire in the heart for anything good, is God’s proof to you, sent beforehand, to indicate that its yours already” as well as “Goals, on the road to achievement, cannot be achieved without Discipline & Consistency”. To take it a step further, I had to define for myself, how does one stay disciplinary towards their goals and stay consistent long enough to achieve them? That’s where the phrase that God spoke to me revealed meaning and told me in saying that I am Accountable. I believe one the hardest things to do while living is to hold yourself accountable for the causes and effects of your life. We as humans, are all given the ability to choose, but it is the accountability of carrying out those choices, which dictates the results of our lives. It was easy to for me to blame my partners or other factors, for why my business was not going the way I wanted, or why certain relationships were mistreated or dissolved, or how come I always knew what I wanted to become as that junior in high school, but felt that life was yielding a reoccurring outcome with no resolution in sight. I am accountable for my health. I am accountable for my wealth. I am accountable for harnessing that necessary consistent attitude that it takes to stay discipline every second of the day, in order to achieve my goals over a period of time. I am also accountable for my mistakes. But I am ultimately accountable for my own happiness. I started writing the word “Accountability” in different fonts on a blank sheet of computer paper, then cut out the words and placed them all over my room, on the side of my television, on my mirror, on my laptop, on my lamp shade, and where ever else I can see that word on a daily basis as reminder of what mindset that I will now carry out.

As one who now constantly places self-accountability on whatever factors of life that comes my way, I was able control the aspects of how I conducted business in the interests of not only myself, but the interests of my current clients, business partners & colleagues. As things were improving professionally, I was also able to pay close attention towards the relationships that I kept and dictate how I responded towards certain adversity. This new mantra has allowed me to make peace with the “now” in my life, and appreciate the journey of which I’ve came. Although I’m still a work in progress till this day, through this new understanding I am able to recognize that previous danger of my mind, and achieve a more positive perspective on the process of life, and not just the subsequential outcomes.

To bring things back full circle, the reason why I love the winter, is because as the weather attempts it’s set of transition into that season, I always use this initial time of the year to reflect on my past, as I wouldn’t change a thing because to me every opportunity, every failure, every achievement, every piece of gratitude I was given, all the accolades and praise, leave me forever thankful and grateful. Overall, I’m successful because despite it all, I’m continuing to do what I love, as I walk in faith with the understanding that I have a responsibility to compel my thought life towards my eventual blessed & high favor.

“I can see greatness, and I realize I’m not perfect, so I’m satisfied with that…”


Dangers of the Mind sheds light on the various encounters in life that we often give too much energy to. These things are developed from relationships and daily activities sometimes knowingly or unknowingly. One direct example related to relationships begins with an innocent encounter because the person is cool and fun to be around. Later we discover characteristics displayed that are contrary to our personal beliefs, morals, and ethics. Instead of distancing ourselves upon discovery, we maintain the relationship as it carries us further away from our plans that aid us in reaching our destiny.

The opportunity to shift manifests when we acknowledge what’s taking place and make a conscience decision to change our direction. As with organizations and support systems designed to operate as a place of stability, one must first acknowledge that the problem exist followed by understanding that help is needed. Within this decision making process a road traveled alone may be the course of action necessary to drown out the distractions. Logically thinking, how can true progression take place if you continue to entertain the foolishness?

All these inclusive transitional thoughts and actions take place in hopes of being a better individual layered by an expansion to a more productive citizen of society. This is not an overnight process, but one that is attainable by limiting distractions and identifying new focal points. Thank you Kristen for steering attention to distractions in a practical light and format providing methods to better individually access forward movement.

Dangers of the Mind relates to my life so much because, I’m young man who learned the art of progress and seeing past my today’s issues by attaching myself with an inner passion which is growth and prosperity for all. I was inspired by Michelle Obama’s 2011/2012 article in the Reader’s Digest entitled “Family Values” where she explained success in it’s simplest form. I was quite impressed when she said “In order to be successful you’ll have to develop the habits of success. This means in order to be successful such as finishing everything you do, cleanliness, patience and etc”. On that very day that article changed my life so I decided to share it with the entire world with my book slated to release 2015 called “The Business Bible (The Success Guide)”. This book is going to be wonderful and I can’t wait to share it and show how anyone no matter the background or current situation you rise above with daily practice.

Dangers of the Mind exhibits these same practices of never being complacent and rising above your attacks that happen against your thought life. Also learning how to proclaim your vision. In metaphoric terms any artist can’t expect to be Picasso if one doesn’t invest time, energy, and becoming a student of the craft. A sports figure can’t expect to be the next best without committing and dedicating oneself to the gym. Everything takes practice no matter what it is. Practice makes perfect now and forever, and if anything else in the world changes I can guarantee this very concept won’t.

From this very concept, I have learned how to work hard and be aware of some of my Dangers of the mind. Please be on the lookout for the release of “The Business Bible (The Success Guide)”. It was an honor being featured on this page. Being blessed with people like Kristen Hopkins. She’s a great role model to all. This was truly a great experience once again thank you and peace to all.