• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

Meet Kristen

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Kristen Hopkins
CEO/ Author, Dangers of the Mind, LLC.

A Dynamic Speaker… A Two-Time Distinguished Author… An Entrepreneurial Sensation… An agent of Change for her generation and the next… She is,… Kristen Hopkins.

Kristen Hopkins is an author, educator, social-entrepreneur, motivational speaker and youth worker with over a decade of experience in producing research-based community empowerment programs. She is on a mission to reach, teach and empower future pioneers by helping them recognize and harness their intrinsic power.

At the age of 22, Kristen became the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of her own business, KH II Public Relations. Throughout her tenure running a PR firm, Kristen gained regional and global notoriety and was bestowed the prestigious “30 and Under Award for Women of Excellence in Leadership”.

Due to her quick rise in success, Kristen became complacent and soon lost it all through a series of traumatizing incidents. Driven by a will to win, a new enthusiasm for life, and a desire to see herself and others live up to their fullest potential, Kristen undertook the task of reflecting on her mistakes, writing out her lessons and publishing her first book, Dangers of the Mind (DOM). She has also written and published a DOM 30-Day Affirmation Challenge edition as a practical way to enhance thought life through the power of speaking positively into the atmosphere daily.

After the successful launch of two books, Kristen created an aligned platform and lifestyle brand, also titled Dangers of the Mind, to further help change lives. Through this brand, Kristen has helped to identify the negative thought life or “dangers of the mind” that people encounter frequently. She has outlined strategies and created a change-theory to help combat the attacks against negative thought life. Kristen has also developed and implemented a culturally responsive Social-Emotional curriculum and Intervention kit to inspire teachers, youth developers, young adults and youth to walk in their purpose and manifest their goals through learning key Social-Emotional skills. Not only has the DOM program garnered positive results in the states, Kristen has taught the dynamic DOM curriculum in Ghana and Haiti; impacting over 2500 youth and young adults. In an effort to reach the demands of a growing audience, Dangers of the Mind has recently expanded its services to include speaking, virtual coaching, Danger Zone Power Calls, a clothing line, brand ambassadors and more.

Kristen’s mission which is

To reach, teach and build a strong system of future pioneers that will be able to harness their internal power and catapult them into their rightful purpose.

Kristen received her Bachelor’s Degree from Delaware State University and two certifications from Rutgers University in the Foundations of Social-Emotional Character Development and Pedagogy and Practice. She currently resides in Washington, DC and looks to continue research, teaching and advocacy work to become the leading voice for disadvantaged youth.