• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

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Meet Toni Criner Founder of @tcmentoringandconsulting. Toni is the epitome of a foster care success story. She grew up in the Texas foster care system but that didn’t keep her from making her mark in the world. Toni has had the opportunity to pioneer White House Initiatives, as well as inspire, mentor, and educate youth around the country. Most recently she was appointed as a 2019 Congressional Delegate for the National Foster Youth Institute. She’s also the founder of TC Mentoring and Consulting located in Washington D.C. Toni believes that “you decide the vibe,confidence is a lifestyle, patience is a virtue, and validation is only for parking. Living your life on your terms is what will be your ultimate happiness.” .
Toni conducted a workshop on “Labels Don’t Limit You” — Thank you Toni for being apart of this amazing day! #DOMXUAGirls2019