• “The position of your mind determines the posture of your life” - Kristen Hopkins

Amber Kennedy


Amber Kennedy

Graduate Assistant/ Housing and Residence Life/ Norfolk State University

Why I wanted to become a dangers of the mind brand ambassador:

I am Amber Kennedy I recently received with my Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Print Journalism from Albany State University in Albany, Georgia. I am currently a Graduate Student of the Media Management and Public Relations Masters Program at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. As an undergraduate student and the Vice President of Student Government Association, I have experience in coordinating events that are centered around student development and success. I am a trained facilitator for several personal and professional developmental sessions.

I believe my experience with higher education and its challenges, partnered with my current role as a Graduate Assistant in an all female freshman residence hall, of approximately 400 young women from ages 17 to 21, gives me the perfect platform in which to reach my peers directly where we live. Often most for the dangers of the mind come out at night, for lack of better words, when we are alone this is our time of self reflection. This why I believe I currently have the platform and the experience to be an effective Dangers of the Mind Campus Ambassador.

In addition, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the therapeutic nature of Ms. Hopkins mere story, as well as her presentation. It is a transformative message that needs to be heard around the world. There are so many people struggling in silence, and who believe they are the only ones battling with the dangers of their minds. The best part of this is being able to help people conquer their internal fears and anxieties through programs that do not further the stigmas against Dangers of the Mind, but instead creates healthy living habits and an overall positive thought life.