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“The position of your mind determines the posture of your life.” - Kristen Hopkins

Kristen Hopkins
CEO/ Author, Dangers of the Mind, LLC.

A Dynamic Speaker… A Two-Time Distinguished Author… An Entrepreneurial Sensation… An agent of Change for her generation and the next… She is,… Kristen Hopkins.

As a young rising leader from a small town in Connecticut, Kristen’s view of the world was heightened as she made her mark on a global scale during her temporary relocation to Beijing, China, working for the 2008 Olympics as a flash quote reporter, where she was forced to adapt to a new way of living and communicating.

At the young age of 22, Kristen was functioning as the Principal Partner and Chief Creative Officer of her own business, KH II Public Relations. Throughout her tenure there, Kristen gained regional and global notoriety and was bestowed the prestigious "30 and Under Award for Women of Excellence in Leadership".

Due to the quick rise in success, Kristen became complacent and soon lost it all through a series of traumatizing incidents. Driven by enthusiasm and a desire to see not only herself, but others live up to their fullest potential, Kristen undertook the task of reflecting on her mistakes to write and publish her first book, Dangers of the Mind (DOM), which has remarkably revolutionized her lifestyle brand, and presented further opportunities to touch and change lives. Using this brand, Kristen has helped to identify the Dangers of the Mind that people encounter daily, and has implemented concepts and strategies to help combat the attacks against everyday thought life. As a result, she has also written and published a Dangers of the Mind (DOM) 30-Day Affirmation Challenge edition, as a practical way to enhance thought life through the power of speaking positively into the atmosphere daily.

Dangers of the Mind has been presented through speaking, virtual coaching, Danger Zone Power Calls, a clothing line and more. She was afforded the rare opportunity to collaborate with Russel Simmons' event, for the Ethics of Understanding Foundation, in the pursuit of providing equality amongst multicultural future leaders.

Kristen's mission which is

To reach, teach and build a strong system of future pioneers that will be able to harness their internal power and catapult them into their rightful purpose.

This mission has been the power behind the latest edition of the Dangers of the Mind campaign, which is the Social and Emotional Literacy Curriculum, catering to students from Grades 6 – 12. Through this program that was designed to target and increase positive thinking in youth, and infused through the education system, students are given the keys to a brighter future and greater possibilities of being successful.

With Kristen's growing research in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) it has led her to work with companies teaching staff about Social and Emotional Learning and what it looks like in the classroom and in the workplace for this generation and the next.

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