niya smith



One DOM people often overlook is how dependent we are on others. We look to “people” for comfort, love, validation, direction along with a plethora of other things. I recently relocated over 300 miles away from my family and while I was extremely excited it was accompanied with the scary feeling of separation. Six months later I questioned the move. Nothing was easy about the move, it seemed like anything that could have deterred me did and after jumping those hurdles I was unsure if I had made the right move. Not only was I unsure but I was alone in this big city miles and miles from my support system. After a recent visit home and after asking God to direct me and show me why I had been positioned in Washington, D.C. – I understood. I realized that with my family I was completely distracted, their love engulfed me and distracted from even a simple text and while home they were my main focus. When I was finally alone at home and quiet in “my space,” I was quiet enough to hear, “I separated you for elevation.” I now realize that I have to be separated, away from clutter, chaos and everyone’s issue but mine (let’s be honest!) and focus solely on the shift that is taking place. I’m truly thankful or the separation for it is with separation that I have explored the most intriguing parts of who I am.

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