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Charles Turner

Virginia State University class of 2014

I am a brand amabassador with Dangers of the Mind because of the principles the movement stands for. Its rare in todays society that we find youth/young adult movements with a positive aim to help and push others to do well! Dangers of the Mind promotes self repsect and confidence which many people need in todays world.

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Brianna Bazemore

A&T University Class of 2016

I am a DOM ambassador because I believe that the brand embodies who I am and where I've come from. I've overcome depression, anxiety, negative body image, and low self-esteem with the help of DOM. I know that by pushing forward and believing in God and that he makes no mistakes I am able to be happy with who I am today. DOM provides the support someone like me needs to keep pushing forward despite my past and I will always support this brand.

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Zoe Phinazee

Student at North Carolina State University

My name is Zoe Phinazee I'm a senior in fashion and textile management at nc state and I'm an ambassador because I too need to remind myself daily not to give in to negative thoughts and believe that you have the power in your mind to Change your life just by changing your perspective.

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Claro Emile

Student at Florida Memorial State University

I am a DOM brand ambassador because I believe in the importance of being aware of your thoughts. There is a real danger when we are not aware of our thoughts. DOM has helped enlightened me and I want to share the DOM experience and hope it impacts someone else.

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