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Devynne Starks

Albany State Class 16' (Senior)

Since the day I was introduced to Dangers of the mind it was almost comforting to know that others were experiencing some of the same fears that I was. After hearing Kristen speak for the first time I was able to acknowledge the dangers of my mind and create my own strategies to over come them. Seeing what Kristen Hopkin's book and presentation has done for me helped me realized that Dangers of the mind isn't just a book but it's a lifestyle and that is why I chose to become a brand ambassador.

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Chelan Wongus

Fayetteville State University

I chose to be a dominator to take back control over my life. I have let many years pass letting my fears, loss and generational curses run my life. Those mental barriers have kept me in bondage for too long. I chose to be a dominator to stop letting my past dominate me. One step in the right direction will easily set off a chain reaction of powerful and positive things. I chose to be a dominator so I can be that one ray of light to encourage others to stand against the chains of their past and...

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Amariah Brown

Jacksonville State University

I am a DOM ambassador because I am a firm believer in the principles of this movement. Your mind can be the greatest thing to empower you or it can be your weakness it's all about what you make it. Fear, insecurities, brokenness and perception are everyday struggles we face that we need to overcome.

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Amber Kennedy

Graduate Assistant/ Housing and Residence Life/ Norfolk State University

I am Amber Kennedy I recently received with my Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Print Journalism from Albany State University in Albany, Georgia. I am currently a Graduate Student of the Media Management and Public Relations Masters Program at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. As an undergraduate student and the Vice President of Student Government Association, I have experience in coordinating events that are centered around student development and...

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