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North Carolina Central University

I am a Brand Ambassador because being apart of this brand would be beneficial to me and those I help. I want to reach out the ones that need our services and be that person they can trust with anything they bring to the table. Being apart of a company that is willing to go above and beyond to make sure students of a certain age do not hold onto their dangers of the mind is a great experience. Getting involved in their lives now will create a big difference in their lives when they become adults...

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Ashaya Williams

North Carolina Central University

I am a Brand Ambassador because DOM helps you realize that can be whatever you want as long as you put your mind to it. You have the ability to help change the world and spread positive vibes all around the campus.

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Bria Nicole Bonner

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

I am a Brand Ambassador because I have been a victim of suffering the dangers of my mind. Now that I am overcoming, I aspire to inspire. I want to be able to help someone get through and overcome the same way I am so that they can conquer those thoughts and be a DOMinator of their mind. Maybe I could help someone get through it or not have to go through it at all.

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Edgardo Torres Jr.

Windsor High School

Being a Brand Ambassador means a lot to me, it gives me the chance to give others going through difficult times & following the wrong path another way to perceive life.

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