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Darnisha Mitchell

East Carolina University

I believe that its important to not let your thoughts hold you back in life. Its really easy to get used to these negative thoughts, and not see how its hurting you. I think learning how to use your mind to reach your goals without beating yourself up along the way is important. I would like for other people around me to believe in this too, which is why I want to be an ambassador at my school.

Je'Hera Williams

Student at Goodwin College

Hey I'm Hera, I'm 18 years old and I'm a fulltime student at Goodwin college. I'm also a fulltime Residential Program Instructor in a group home with people who suffer from intellectual disabilities. My major is social work and my biggest thing is giving back to people, in the same ways that were given to me. I'm a believer that it takes one to know one, there's a difference between saying I understand and truly saying and feeling like YOU UNDERSTAND. When it comes to helping people address...

Tré Dawson

Howard University

I want to be a brand ambassador because of my love for serving the community. Everyone has challenges and setbacks, but don't always have the necessary support to work through their shortcomings. Dangers Of The Mind gives people an outlet and curriculum to rectifying their problem.

Quianna Lewis

Howard University

I grew up without a father which left me broken, insecure, angry and confused it's definitely taken a lot of faith and strong friendships to get to the place where I am today. I want to be a brand ambassador so that I can be a voice and a vessel for the little girls and even the little boys who grew up like I did and feel what I felt.

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