Want to become a DOM brand ambassador?

We are excited to introduce our Dangers Of The Mind Brand Ambassador Program. A community where you can finally see real goals being crushed, accountability for your next steps in life and feeding your mind to continue to become mentally strong to walk in your purpose to be a TRUE DOMinator in every area of your life!

Meet some of our


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Brittany Baker

Roosevelt STAY

I met Ms. Kristen Hopkins when she came to my school. I felt an immediate connection and inspiration. My dream is to change the world, but that starts with changing myself. I aspire to be better than my formal self and for my past to be a distant memory that no longer cripples me.

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Cherie Crosby

Talent Acquisition Specialist/Denver Public Schools

I believe in the mission and would like to see the impact on my life and those around me.

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Rajheem wisdom


I am a brand ambassador because I want to make a difference.

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Wash met

I completed the dom class at wash met and I want to continue to be around a positive community.