Want to be a DOM brand ambassador? Learn about our membership!

Hey DOMinators,

We are excited to introduce to you, The official Dangers Of The Mind Brand Ambassador Membership Program. A community where you can finally see real goals being crushed, accountability for your next steps in life and feeding your mind to continue to become mentally strong to walk in your purpose to be a TRUE DOMinator in every area of your life!

In this membership you will have access to:

  • Success tools
  • Affirmations
  • Motivational Wake- Up Calls from Kristen Hopkins
  • Access to the online SEL curriculum training course for you to understand what SEL skills you need for jobs
  • Resources
  • Accountability meetings Bi-monthly with Kristen Hopkins
  • DOM Gear Commission program with your own personal discount code
  • Access to be apart of our paid growing sales team (Includes Training - Start Date: March 2019)
  • Becoming Civically Engaged in your community with DOM
  • Monthly access to private Newsletters solely for Brand Ambassadors
  • Character recommendation letters provided for jobs

This membership fee will go towards keeping our annual retreats low for members and other events throughout the year.

Monthly Membership fee: $14.00
Annual Fee: $168.00

Meet some of our


Lilfuller2003's picture

Jerry foster

freshman at granvile central highschool

the reason i want to be a brand ambassador is so i can change and move lives, and give good advice to everybody just like kristen hopkins does every day

BhrandiC's picture

Bhrandi Crenshaw

North Carolina Central University

I am a brand ambassador because I want to help others change their ways of living. I want to help motivate and support people who are facing these battles. Being in dangers of mind will be my gateway to do so.

tuanlove's picture

Antuan Renwick

DOM Brand Ambassador

I am a brand ambassador to help change lives. I myself was in the Dangers Of The Mind program and it helps change my thoough-life and I am ready to do the same for others.

Kalayziabell's picture

Kalayzia Bell

North Carolina Central University

I am a brand ambassador because I feel that it is important for students on college campuses and in life period to realize the dangers of the mind and how things can affect you. We are at the point of our life where the mind plays a trick on us and need guidance of the right direction at times. Being that I help people on the daily basis, I feel as though I would feel at home helping with the dangers of the mind while gaining help from others as well. would like to be a brand ambassador because...