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Brianna Aguilar

Neal Middle School

I am a brand ambassador because I don’t want to be afraid to seize opportunities. I want to be fearless. Having the opportunity to become apart of an organization that believes I have the power to succeed would be an honor. When Ms. Hopkins came to my school, I was moved. I became aware of how scared I am to do things and I want to change that. I am young, but I know that I want to make a difference and I know that my ambitions do not go well with my fear. Being a brand ambassador will change...

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Jerry foster

8th grade student at neal middle

I wanted to tell you thank you tbh ever thing you said that made a huge impact on my life im not kidding i have been using that afirmation book i like all the qoutes that are in there thats the reason i want to rep the merch and you have pushed me to be a better leader and a person so thank you

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Bhrandi Crenshaw

North Carolina Central University

I am a brand ambassador because I want to help others change their ways of living. I want to help motivate and support people who are facing these battles. Being in dangers of mind will be my gateway to do so.

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Antuan Renwick

DOM Brand Ambassador

I am a brand ambassador to help change lives. I myself was in the Dangers Of The Mind program and it helps change my thoough-life and I am ready to do the same for others.

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