Want to become a DOM brand ambassador?

We are excited to introduce our Dangers Of The Mind Brand Ambassador Program. A community where you can finally see real goals being crushed, accountability for your next steps in life and feeding your mind to continue to become mentally strong to walk in your purpose to be a TRUE DOMinator in every area of your life!

Meet some of our


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Founder of My Sisters Keeper (Delaware)

I am a brand ambassador because I 100% stand behind what Dangers of The Mind stands for. Being able to manage your emotions and your thoughts gives us all so much power! I am a firm believer in a positive mind equates a positive life. Though negativity may come it is how we handle and process those negative moments that determines if we succeed or fail. The mind is a powerful tool!

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Jonathan Bailey

Sugarloaf Mills

Being an DOM ambassador, if I can reach one, I’ll teach one. That what was done for me. It’s only right for me to do the same. I support the movement to the fullest and all that it stands for.

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Tayon Robinson

Duke Ellington School Of The Arts

I am a brand ambassadors because I want to better my world and helping the youth find light and find some way on why they should not give up and why they should keep working hard at everything that they do and put their full on effort into everything . I also want to help people who are just like me and people that aren’t really good with socializing and communicating with other and people that wants to be something in life , people that want to advocate for themselves when no one else will . I...

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Rebecca Wilson

Proposal Specialist at Schnabel Engineering

I fully support this movement and everything that it stands for. I want to be able to help further the message as much as possible while impacting as many possible.