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Rebecca Wilson

Proposal Specialist at Schnabel Engineering

I fully support this movement and everything that it stands for. I want to be able to help further the message as much as possible while impacting as many possible.

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Isaiah Ellis

Roosevelt Stay

I am a brand ambassador because I had personally taken the dangers of the mind course last school year and it helped me release and speak out on my personal experiences in life and even helped me mature a little bit as a human being. I see this as a good opportunity to reach out to the youth who have been through what I been through and let them know they're not alone.

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Bill Kizimula

Roosevelt STAY high school

I want to help push, teach young adults to be a vector and stop being a victim. I plan to work with DOM to show them how to be successful by opening their minds to life opportunities so that one day they will support the community. Using my mind as a weapon I will motivate, I will inspire young people to learn about the outside world. To have better lives as individuals, I will always remember how my grandmother often said, “if you fall, never stay down, stand up. Never stay down in our blood...

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Kayla Yvonne Jones

North Carolina Central University

I have chose to join the brand ambassador team because I felt the strength of God pulling me. I have always prayed that I did not want to pursue my dream but instead, I wanted to pursue my purpose in life. About a year or two ago, I realized that my exact purpose in life was greater than me. My purpose was to allow God to use me as a vessel to touch the lives of young children in need. After coming to this realization I got up and started to make the change in the community that I wanted to...

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