Want to become a DOM brand ambassador?

We are excited to introduce our Dangers Of The Mind Brand Ambassador Program. A community where you can finally see real goals being crushed, accountability for your next steps in life and feeding your mind to continue to become mentally strong to walk in your purpose to be a TRUE DOMinator in every area of your life!

Meet some of our


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Cynthia Mensah


I want to be a brand ambassador for so many reasons. For starters, I was invited to a Zoom session and I absolutley loved the whole session. I feel that more people should be aware of DOM because it's so useful, informative and relatable. I loved the authenticity and the cause. The CEO mentioned helping others and giving back and those are qualities that I stand firm in with my own business. This is a great opportunity to learn why I think the way i do while also sharing my story with people...

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Saniya Farrow

NCCU Student

After working with Kristen and learning more about DOM, I realized that I have struggled with dangers of my own mind . Brokenness, fear and distractions are things that myself along with others have struggled with. Thanks to DOM, I’ve learned to label my struggles but to not be consumed by them. Yes we go through things, but it doesn’t define us. I want to be a brand ambassador to encourage younger generations, as well as my own to have a growth mindset and believe that they can overcome any...

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Blessing Cromah

Northern high school

I became a brand ambassador after taking the DOM Program. I want to stay positive and continue to make my dreams a reality.

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Linda Elien


I wanna make a different and be more confident.