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Antuan Renwick

DOM Brand Ambassador

I am a brand ambassador to help change lives. I myself was in the Dangers Of The Mind program and it helps change my thoough-life and I am ready to do the same for others.

Kalayzia Bell

North Carolina Central University

I am a brand ambassador because I feel that it is important for students on college campuses and in life period to realize the dangers of the mind and how things can affect you. We are at the point of our life where the mind plays a trick on us and need guidance of the right direction at times. Being that I help people on the daily basis, I feel as though I would feel at home helping with the dangers of the mind while gaining help from others as well. would like to be a brand ambassador because...

Maggie Mosby

Medical Assistant/Metropolitian College of New York

I am a Brand Ambassador because I want others to know that there is a way to overcome these dangers of the mind.

Langton Tichaona


in a nutshell, my life has been the complete opposite of the conditions life has often times threw my way. most people who have known me and my condition do not understand my secret and ultimate source of power....that its all in the mind! mind is the alpha and omega, I am just a reflection of my mind and we all are! I was glad to come across DOM, to know that there is a community out that understands and appreciate the impact of human mind on life especially among the youths and I definitely...

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