Dangers of the Mind

The Intervention Kit

This research-based Intervention Kit can benefit your school community because it allows students to identify their areas of struggles (DOM's) and reflect on their decisions while undergoing possible short-term removal from class. This program is for alternative, choice academy, comprehensive schools, and youth detention organizations who are very pleased with the results of our program. All of our materials is designed to relate to this generation of students.


Why use the DOM Intervention Kit?

The Dangers of the Mind Intervention Kit is a comprehensive intervention package for flexible use in grades 6 – 12

The Dangers Of The Mind Activity Cards, Locator Tests, Check-List, rubrics and more are designed to assist with:

  • Self-Reflection
  • Social Competence
  • Interactive Learning
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Character Development
  • Self-Regulation
  • Learning How to Troubleshoot Unexpected Outcomes

This kit was developed to help young people learn valuable leadership skills in a way that relates to them the most. These skills will start them on the road towards college and career readiness.

Dangers Of The Mind Intervention Kit

The Dangers Of The Mind Intervention Kit

Click the video to your left to check out what an experienced educator has to say about using the Dangers Of The Mind Intervention Kit or download the kit and take a look for your self.

The tiers of the Intervention Kit

Take a look at how the kit works

The process of using data to identify student needs and intervene as soon as possible is called Response to Intervention (RtI). RtI includes all students in general and special education. RtI involves behavioral interventions as well as academic interventions.

The goal of RtI is high quality instruction for all students all of the time. High quality instruction is not possible without positive student engagement and behavior in the classroom. RtI for behavior involves high quality social-emotional learning and interventions matched to student behavior needs. Behavioral data indicating levels of positive student engagement, such as discipline, attendance, and grades, with school are examined. Schools use this data to provide proactive intervention to students needing support in these areas. RtI for academics and behavior are integrated together in actual implementation for the best results in increased student achievement.

School improvement is similar to RtI. RtI is the framework used to helps schools use their data and resources to make significant school improvement. RtI for Behavior (RtI-B) centers on student engagement data which is highly correlated to students at-risk for dropping out of school. School wide behavior supports are put in place to encourage all students to positively engage in school as a part of Tier 1. Students needing additional support and time in learning and applying new social skills participate in Tier 2 interventions, typically organized as small groups meeting several times each week. Sometimes students are in need of more intensive Tier 3 interventions and participate in highly individualized daily sessions with counselors, school psychologists, or coaches.

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