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“We all have the potential to beat each and every one of the Dangers of the Mind. I challenge you to become a TRUE DOMinator with me. To wake up every day fearless and ready to conquer each DOM that comes your way!”

- Kristen Hopkins

DOM Curriculum

Dangers of the mind SEL curriculum is innovative, relevant, and speaks to this generation. We pride ourselves on building a positive community of dominators!


DOM Intervention Kit

This research-based Intervention Kit can benefit your school community because it allows students to identify their areas of struggles (DOM's) and reflect on their decisions...


Speaking Engagements

At Dangers of the Mind we help teens and young adults become aware of the everyday attacks against their thought life, contact us to find out more about how these DOMs affect your teens...


Meet some of our


Meet some of our


Heyyyant12's picture

Anthony Robinson

Roosevelt stay

I was in the DOM class and I learned a lot about self control and I am a brand ambassador because I want to be around something positive.

Lunacup's picture

Brittany Baker

Roosevelt STAY

I met Ms. Kristen Hopkins when she came to my school. I felt an immediate connection and inspiration. My dream is to change the world, but that starts with changing myself. I aspire to be better...

Cheriedcrosby's picture

Cherie Crosby

Talent Acquisition Specialist/Denver Public Schools

I believe in the mission and would like to see the impact on my life and those around me.

Raheem's picture

Rajheem wisdom


I am a brand ambassador because I want to make a difference.

Najee's picture


Wash met

I completed the dom class at wash met and I want to continue to be around a positive community.

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Call dangers of the mind or send us an email.


What Our Clients Say

The experience I have had using the Dangers of the Mind (DOM) curriculum is that it works well with youth regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion and socio-economic status because: 1) a good leader can incorporate culture and/or tradition into the sessions; 2) it builds on the strengths of each youth involved and provides ways for the youth to become a part of something positive; and 3) the support not only comes from the leader but from each member of the group because they learn to use the skills they are being taught by practicing with each other and then with people outside of the group. DOM has been a great addition to the services we provide here at Boys & Girls Clubs of Durham and Orange County, especially because it is the youth’s choice whether they want to be a part of the group and it is not forced on them. DOM is an awesome journey for youth to experience. It’s relational, practical and empowering – it shows them how they are ready and able to lead, serve and make a difference now. DOM encouraged a real sense of community and support in our youth group; a real sense of openness and trust was present. I love journeying with the youth and seeing them be challenged and grow into a deeper relationship with self, others and the community. DOM works for our kids!"
Shareef Ivey, Teen Programming Director
Boys And Girls Club Durham

It was a powerful experience for my students to hear Kristen's message about each person's ability to achieve their fullest potential. We all need to reminded that ultimately we control our own success. Having a Windsor alum deliver the message made the experience exceptional.

Russell Sills
Principal of Windsor High School

Thank you so much for helping make our Student Leadership Conference a HUGE success. You were beyond fantastic and set the perfect tone for the conference. It was magical how you connected with our students... you really inspired them! In one hour you propelled this group years ahead in our quest to instill the notions which you expound. I think you felt the energy from this group and can see that TRIO is built upon your 'Dangers of the Mind' concepts. Selfishly, it was also great to work with you - you understood our needs and were a pleasure to work with - easygoing, professional and open.

William Troy Curry
President of Georgia TRiO Programs

We can all benefit from this book and we can all apply it in a larger prospective to different dialog.

Jason Kampf
Foundation For Ethnic Understanding

The young men and women who participate in our programs are taking their first - sometimes difficult steps as working professionals. As they explore their strengths, weaknesses and passions, they'll encounter many of the Dangers of the Mind, Kristen spoke about as our Fall 2014 Career Boot Camp keynote speaker. The strategies Kristen shared about combating those headwinds beautifully complements the personal and professional development training our students receive at the Washington Center.

Kristin Simonetti
Manager of Alumi Engagement at the Washington Center for Internships & Academic Programs