DOM Workshop Trainings

Our workshop training sessions include everything you need to overcome your danger of the mind

Kristen's interactive workshops will keep you engaged and be sure to transform your mind. Go on a journey through your own personal life with Kristen today!
Chapter 1: Dangers of the Mind

Becoming AWARE of the DOM’s
Where do I stand?

Chapter 2: Breaking the Chains of distractions

Evaluating your circle
Growing beyond your environment
Chapter 3: Recreating Your Atmosphere

Am I Really on Fleek?
Dear Me (A letter to yourself about yourself)
Reflection in the mirror: I don’t look like what I have been through
Chapter 4: Proclaiming Your Vision

I’m a Goal Digger
I have the Power to Change the Game
Chapter 5: Preparing For Greater

Excepting the call for my destiny
W.T.F (Win the Fight)