“We all have the potential to beat each and every one of the Dangers of the Mind. I challenge you to become a TRUE DOMinator with me. To wake up every day fearless and ready to conquer each DOM that comes your way!”
- Kristen Hopkins

DOM Workshop Trainings

Our workshop training sessions include everything you need to overcome your danger of the mind


Speaking Engagements

At Dangers of the Mind we help teens and young adults become aware of the everyday attacks against their thought life...


One on One DOMinator Coaching

The aim of "One on One DOMinator Coaching" is to your journey to ultimately increase your overall happiness, challenge yourself in thought and action...


Meet some of our


Meet some of our


Charles's picture

Charles Turner

Virginia State University class of 2014

I am a brand amabassador with Dangers of the Mind because of the principles the movement stands for. Its rare in todays society that we find youth/young adult movements with a positive aim to help...
Robin's picture

Robin Wilson

Student at North Carolina Central

I am a DOM ambassador because I have struggled with depression and I have had my fair share with fears of failure, shame, commitment, and many others; I know how it feels to be all alone and...
Brianna's picture

Brianna Bazemore

A&T University Class of 2016

I am a DOM ambassador because I believe that the brand embodies who I am and where I've come from. I've overcome depression, anxiety, negative body image, and low self-esteem with the help of DOM. I...
zoe's picture

Zoe Phinazee

Student at North Carolina State University

My name is Zoe Phinazee I'm a senior in fashion and textile management at nc state and I'm an ambassador because I too need to remind myself daily not to give in to negative thoughts and believe that...
Claro's picture

Claro Emile

Student at Florida Memorial State University

I am a DOM brand ambassador because I believe in the importance of being aware of your thoughts. There is a real danger when we are not aware of our thoughts. DOM has helped enlightened me and I want...

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