Dangers  Of  The  Mind

A New Focus

Our organization has excelled and is now focusing on our non-profit arm, The Dangers of the mind education Fund. The non-profit funds research and activities in black social and emotional learning. 


After six years of SEL training, forums, workshops, and constructive discourse with teachers, parents, and students, Dangers Of The Mind and thought leaders in education collaborated to establish Black SEL: the social-emotional learning HUB dedicated to black communities.

The Summer Institute

The Black SEL Hub Summer Institute delves into the lived experiences of Black students regarding social-emotional development. Our goal is to equip students to manage conflict constructively, regulate emotions, make responsible decisions, and positively contribute to both classroom and community settings.

The Summit

The Black SEL Summit is a two-day event that brings together educators and SEL practitioners from around the country. At the summit, we share best practices, innovative approaches for classrooms, and culturally responsive resources to sustain SEL as a tool in Black communities. bmnbmhbnm

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